Goku Vs Vegeta- Who Will Emerge Victorious?

Goku and Vegeta, prominent as the greatest rivals in the Dragon Ball, are mentioned in every era of the Dragon Ball following Vegeta’s introduction in Z. Named as mortal enemies, training partners, and biological brothers, Goku and Vegeta’s battle have lasted for a longer duration. However, now the question arises, who won? So, in this article, we have simplified everything related to Goku Vs Vegeta: who is stronger and Goku Vegeta’s rivalry.

Goku Vs Vegeta First Fight

Vegeta’s first battle against Goku took place after the Saiyan Prince invaded our planet with poor intentions. Meanwhile, he wanted to destroy Earth and sell its remains to the highest bidder; however, Goku prevented this from happening. Nevertheless, the Z Fighters distracted Vegeta’s plans while Vegeta still thrashed Goku by turning into a great ape and crushing Kakarot in his hands.

Hence, in the first fight, Vegeta proved that his mastery over Saiyan is more than Goku which eventually helped him win. Not only this, but their first fight proves that Vegeta’s power and legacy will help him win most of the battles.

Fights Winner Method
Dragon Ball Z’s “Saiyan Saga” Vegeta Vegeta crushes Goku as a Great Ape.
Dragon Ball Z’s “Majin Buu Saga” Vegeta Majin Vegeta knocks out Goku with a single punch unexpectedly.
Dragon Ball Super’s “Goku vs Duplicate Vegeta” Goku Goku defeats ‘Duplicate Vegeta’ with the help of Monaka.
Dragon Ball GT’s “Baby Saga” Goku Goku defeats Baby Vegeta after mastering Super Saiyan 4.
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Vegeta Vegeta beats Goku while training in Lord Beerus’ world.

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Goku Vs Vegeta; Who Wins the Most?

In every chapter of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series, Goku has constantly gained power after every fight while defeating the villain. Not only this but Goku always takes over the fight after Vegeta gives up. In the series Dragon Ball, Goku defeated Frieza after Vegeta gave up, and helped Gohan in an elimination call; nevertheless, Vegeta wasn’t given a lead. In addition to it, he also delivered the spirit bomb during his last battle with Majin Buu; however, Vegeta was suspected powerless.

Moreover, in the DragonBall series, it was Goku who initially obtained the Saiyan transformation even before Vegeta. Goku managed to unlock all Super Saiyan transformations before Vegeta. In addition to it, Goku achieved Ultra Instinct which assisted him in channelling the power of the gods. On the contrary, Vegeta was only able to achieve Ultra Ego.

Nevertheless, despite gaining and unlocking every power in the DragonBall series while defeating the strongest villains whom Vegeta couldn’t, Goku couldn’t achieve a clear win over Vegeta.

Animation Hero Face-Off: Goku Vs Vegeta- Who Will Emerge Victorious?

Goku Win Over Vegeta

Nevertheless, in the history of the Dragon Ball series, there were two times when Goku achieved a win over Vegeta. However, if you go for details, Goku can only achieve wins because Vegeta wasn’t himself in the battles.

Baby Vegeta is a version of the Saiyan Prince from GT who was possessed by the Machine Mutant Baby. Despite it offering a strength upgrade, it limited his Saiyan potential. As a consequence, Goku was able to gain victory over Baby Vegeta; however, it was a battle that could be easily contested. Meanwhile, in a Dragon Ball Super anime-only story, Goku won the battle over ‘Duplicate Vegeta’. Hence, that means, it was a blob that transformed into Vegeta.

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As a consequence, in the “Goku-Vegeta opposite duo” battle, Goku defeated Vegeta twice. Meanwhile, this only took place because it wasn’t the original version of Vegeta.

On the contrary, Vegeta marked his victory over Goku three out of five times while defeating the original Goku. Hence, even though Goku has the higher ability of attaining power and defeating shared enemies, it was Vegeta who has won most of the Dragon Ball Battles.