Vergil: The Journey of Dante’s Twin in Devil May Cry

Vergil is Dante’s older twin brother and the antagonist of Devil May Cry. After their mother died, Dante and Vergil took different paths in their lives. While Dante chose humanity and became a demon hunter, Vergil rejected humanity and continued to focus on his demonic inheritance. He is shown to do anything to gain Sparda’s power. He has appeared as the main antagonist in three video games, a novel, and a manga, against his younger brother, Dante.


Vergil is fair-skinned but pale. He has white, brushed-back hair, showing his fierce and strong expressions. However, he looks the same as his younger brother when his hair is brushed down, as they both have blue eyes. He generally wears a blue coat with silver buttons and a snake’s head hanging over his left shoulder. His coat has silver straps with a gold lining, and he wears a blue ascot underneath his coat. He wears brown fingerless gloves and brown boots.

Vergil vs. Dante

According to a Devil May Cry fan, when demons killed the mother of Dante and Vergil, Dante confided in his human side and remembered the kindness of her mother, while Vergil thought his humanity made him weak, and that is why he could not protect his mother. He believed that only demons have powers, and he could attain them to protect his loved ones. Dante does not agree with Vergil’s mindset because of their human mother and his love for her. While Vergil also loves Eva, he just finds himself guilty. This causes the brothers to eventually drift apart. Therefore, Vergil cuts his ties with the human world and embraces his demon side so that he can become stronger and protect his family.

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Vergil and the powers of Sparda

In this game, Vergil is trying to raise the Temen-ni-gru, the unholy tower that is a gateway between the human and demon worlds. By raising that tower, he hopes to gain power like his father, Sparda. He stops caring about the destruction that might happen and only focuses on obtaining the powers of his father.

Vergil in Devil May Cry: The Ambition of Power and Complexity of Brotherhood


Devil May Cry

In Devil May Cry, Vergil is separated from his family because of Mundus, the devil king. He is a soldier, Nelo Angelo, under the control of Mundus, and he attacks Dante three times. The third time reveals his identity as Dante’s brother as he explodes, leaving one half of an amulet Eva gave to Dante and him as children.

Devil May Cry 3

Vergil wants the power of his father Sparda in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s awakening, and he joins hands with Arkham to get Dante’s amulet and combine it with his own to create a gate for entering the demon world. Dante is defeated by Vergil when he refuses to give his amulet, but Vergil is betrayed by Arkham later to gain Sparda’s power himself. This makes Dante and Vergil work together to stop Arkham.

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Devil May Cry 4

In this part, the order of the sword uses Nelo Angelo’s remains to create two artificial demons, Alto and Bianco Angelos. Nero, his son, takes possession of his sword, Yamato. Vergil is a playable character in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which has a scene of Vergil walking on Fortuna Island to find what his father had left behind when demons invaded that area and about the order of the sword.

Devil May Cry 5

Vergil locates Nero and rips his devil-bringer arm to take Yamato and heal himself. He visits his childhood home in the Red Grave city and uses Yamato to get humanity out of his body. This splits him into two: Urizen and V. While Urizen is a demon who becomes the king of the underworld, V is a weak man who takes the help of Nero and Dante to stop Urizen. After Dante wins over Urizen, V reconstitutes Vergil. Dante and Vergil then participate in a fight to the death, which is stopped by Nero, who is revealed to be Vergil’s son. After Vergil loses, both the brothers leave for a one-way trip to the underworld and leave Nero for the safety of the human world. At the end of the scene, Vergil and Dante are not enemies anymore but friendly competitors.