With the constant evolution of digital marketing, PPC intelligence, abbreviated as Pay-Per-Click Intelligence, has served as the main cornerstone of the business. PPC or PPC intelligence, while considered one of the complex tasks, once unravelled, becomes one of the most beneficial tools that conveys your message to your reader or viewer.

In this article, we have drafted PPC intelligence, what it is, and how to utilise it for the best results.

Definition of PPC intelligence

PPC intelligence

PPC, abbreviated as Pay-per-click intelligence, involves the utilisation of data strategies, and data analysis to accelerate pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Meanwhile, the ads by Pay-Per-Click advertisements incorporate leveraging technology and analytical tools to achieve data-driven decisions which aim at improving the overall performance of ROI for the PPC campaigns.

Key Metrics When Utilising PPC Competitive Intelligence Tools 

The important metrics you should consider while utilising PPC tools are,

CTR (Click-Through-Rate):

CTR is the amount of traffic which comes from clicking on the ads out of those who just glanced at them. 

Calculation: It can be calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by the number of Views/Impressions multiplied by 100

CPC (Cost-Per-Click):

Another PPC term, Cost-Per-Click refers to the cost you receive after you click on an advertisement. Meanwhile, the monitoring CPC tells you how much the advertising budget is and how to arrange to achieve a better ROI.

Calculation: Divide the Cost of Ad Campaigns By the number of clicks received

CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition):

This term calculates the total amount spent to get a lead or customer. Meanwhile, a win refers to customers, leads, or clients

Calculation: Divide The Cost of the Entire Campaign By The Number of Wins Generated

ROI (Return of Investment):

it indicates the amount of return or profit from an investment made.

Calculation: Divide The Profit or Gain by Investment Amount and multiply by 100

What Are The Key Components of PPC?

What Are The Key Components of PPC?

While there are several of them, the integral key components are,

  • Data Analysis: Calculating several key metrics, including cost-per-click and Cost-per-acquisition, among others.
  • Keyword Research: Incorporating appropriate keywords which are relevant to the topic which has high search volumes and lower competition for better PPC Campaigning.
  • Competitive Analysis: A thorough research on the competitor’s website including the keywords they incorporate and the strategies they utilise.
  • Ad Copy Optimisation: Drafting a captivating ad copy that attracts the audience to click.
  • Targeting Audience: With audience targeting campaigns provided by the PPC platforms, we can utilise them to reach the most relevant audience.

PPC Intelligence For Campaign Optimization

Imagine, that you can adjust the bids accordingly with the time of the day, geographic location, or the device your audience is utilising. With PPC intelligence, you are empowered with these activities, which ensures that every click is a move towards your conversion.

Analysing The Competitive Optimisation

In the digitalisation era, if you are a digital marketer, if you can’t measure it, you can make changes to it. With a wealth of data, PPC Intelligence allows you to track the success of your campaigns. From click-through rates to conversion rates, we can have the metrics in the ever-shifting digital landscape. 

Ethical And Safe Practices

Although the utilisation of PPC can expand your business, using the safe terms is beneficial and necessary. A transparent advertisement, respecting user privacy, and sticking to the website or search engine’s guidelines is necessary.

Whether a small, medium, or large business, building trust with your customers, clients, and audiences is necessary. Hence, for safer and more convenient digital marketing work, utilising PPC tools is important.

Leverage Your Ad-Campaigns

Despite the fact that you are an experienced digital marketer, with the utilisation of intelligence tools, you can transform every click into a gain for your business. With the utilisation of the best-paid search intelligence software, you can get the most satisfactory results.

What are the Best Intelligence Software Tools?

What are the Best Intelligence Software Tools?

With the assistance of these tools, you can maximise the effectiveness of your Google PPC ads. Additionally, they also offer features like keyword discovery, competitive analysis, ad creation, bid management, analytics, and more.

Some of the popular intelligence software tools are,

Advertising Research

Advertising Research

With the help of Semrush’s advertising tool, you can analyse your competitor’s ad strategies. Additionally, it also provides insights into the competitor’s ad keywords and ad copies.

Key Features

  1. Budget and Traffic Estimates: With the help of advertising research, you can analyse your competitor’s advertising costs and results.
  2. Historical Data: By accessing and analysing the previous data of competitors for thorough research of their strategy.
  3. Ad Copy Analysis: Includes detailing competitors’ ad copy to understand their messaging strategy.
  4. Keyword Analysis: Helps in keyword research which is utilised by your competitors

Pricing: While you can sign up for free for limited access, the paid plans start at $129.95/month.



Known as the preferred AdWords management software, AdNabu has amazing automation capabilities. Commonly known for optimising ads, AdNabu helps in helping marketers boost their sales and marketing via ad campaigns on Google.

Key Features

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Channel Automation
  3. Search Marketing
  4. Website Visitor Tracking

Pricing: While the starter plans are free, the basic, advanced, and plans range from $29, $79, and $249.



An award-winning PPC Bid management, through Optmyzr, it builds campaigns automatically from the inventory with several in-built features like AdWords scripts, and one-click optimization among others.

Key Features

  1. Keyword Research Tools
  2. Conversion Tracking
  3. Bid Management
  4. Campaign Management

Pricing: With an option to book a demo, you can purchase a monthly plan worth $208/monthly.



A performance-driven intelligent software tool, Outbrain assists you in tracking, analysing, and leveraging your ad campaigns with convenience. With a simple user interface, this software tool features modern applications and helps you target your customers.

Key Features

  1. Contact Management
  2. Video Management
  3. Campaign Management
  4. Mobile Ad Serving

Pricing: According to Outbrain’s website, its pricing strategy is

As your campaign spends, we will charge your account based on the actual spend that was accrued (at round amounts). For example, if your campaign spends $230 within a few minutes, you will be charged $200 right away. 

PPC Ad Lab

PPC Ad Lab

PPC Ad Lab is a fully featured software designed to serve SMEs, startups, agencies, and enterprises. With the help of its automated software, you can enjoy a plethora of services including keyword Tracking, Landing Pages / Web Forms, Audience Targeting, Campaign Management, Account Alerts, and much more.

Key Features

  • Keywords Tracking
  • Customer Profiles
  • Campaign Management 

Pricing: With no free trials, the micro, mini, and agency plans are priced at $47, $127, and $397, respectively.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using PPC Intelligence in Your Business?

While there are a plethora of advantages of incorporating PPC in your business, here are the disadvantages,

  • Expenses: While these PPC tools only charge you for the clicks you are getting, you might have to pay more than average to gain a larger number of clicks. However, in the competitive business era, you have no option but to pay higher prices to gain customers.
  • Reputation: Although an estimated 50 per cent of Internet users can’t distinguish between organic search results and paid search results, the other 50 per cent can. Hence, there are chances that a larger number of users scroll through your paid search results.
  • Conditionality: Unlike SEO which requires a one-time investment, PPC intelligence tools demand its features and services to fuel up on a routine basis. Not only will it include a high expense but will also make you dependable on the tools.


In the ever-changing landscape of digital businesses, PPC intelligence or Pay-Per-Click intelligence has served as one of the safest tools to consider. With several key metrics calculations like ROI, CPA, and CPC, the Pay-per-Click tools have changed the traditional digital business model, making them more manageable.

If you are a business expert and are willing to incorporate the usage of PPC Intelligence tools in your work, thorough research is required. In this guide, we have mentioned everything about PPC intelligence including what it is, its usage, and recommended tools among others. 

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