Artificial intelligence can reveal content gaps and opportunities to improve organic search rankings. It is also helpful for keyword research.

Traditional keyword tools extend core terms with long-tail phrases. AI tools discover new terms by identifying related queries with the same search intent but not necessarily the same words.

What follows are AI tools for keyword discovery. Push these suggestions through traditional keyword research tools to discover long-tail opportunities and additional insights such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

I tested each tool with the same core phrase: “take text from image.” offers a free AI-powered tool to generate keyword suggestions. For “take text from image,” it produced the following variations.

  • text from image services
  • image to text conversion
  • OCR services
  • image transcription services
  • document digitization services
  • scanned documents to text
  • photo to text service
  • handwriting to text conversion
  • image processing text extraction
  • OCR text recognition
  • convert image to editable text
  • image text analysis
  • image to word conversion


Junia provides free AI-powered research and complementary data from Google Ads’ Keyword Planner on competition, monthly search volume, and cost-per-click. Junia’s suggestions were the most relevant to my initial phrase. I’ve reproduced them for this article.


Optimo’s keyword research tool identified helpful phrases beyond my core term.

  • Text recognition
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Image to text conversion
  • Text extraction
  • Image processing
  • Text conversion software
  • Character recognition
  • Image analysis
  • Text extraction tool
  • Text recognition technology
  • Image text recognition
  • Document scanning
  • Text capturing
  • Image data extraction
  • Text identification

Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson is a content and SEO consultant. His AI keyword research tool offers helpful suggestions. The “Explore” tab lists keywords based on a core term, as well as search volume and organic search competition, which he calls “difficulty” (without explaining its calculation).

  • image to text
  • text from image
  • image to text converter
  • convert image to text
  • text extractor from image
  • text from picture

Clicking the light bulb icon next to any suggestion generates long-tail variations:

  • image to text converter free
  • image to text converter google
  • image to text converter free online
  • image to text converter extension
  • image to text converter app
  • image to text converter reddit
  • image to text converter adobe
  • image to text converter python
  • image to text converter mac


VidIQ offers an AI-powered YouTube keyword research tool. Each suggestion includes search volume on YouTube, without, again, an explanation. Still, the ideas were helpful.

  • OCR software tutorial
  • extract text from image
  • image to text converter
  • text recognition app review
  • easy text extraction tool
  • best image OCR technology
  • convert handwritten text to digital
  • text recognition software comparison
  • improve text extraction accuracy
  • automated text extraction demo

Low Difficulty’s Free Keyword Generator lists ideas based on the (undefined) ranking difficulty. The tool also provides cost-per-click and, confusingly, monthly “Search volume” and “Global volume.”

Here’s what it offered for “take text from image.”

Consult Several

The AI tools suggested mostly original keyword ideas, although some overlapped. Consult several when researching.

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