Font Pairing Secrets, Free eBook for Developer Experience, Collection of CSS Gradients – Weekly News for Designers № 726

The article titled “The Complex CSS border-image Property” discusses the capabilities of the CSS border-image property and its potential for creating interesting effects. The article is accompanied by an image that showcases the property in action.

Another article titled “The Three Secrets to Font Pairing” explores the challenges of pairing fonts in typography and provides tips for mastering this skill. The article includes an image related to font pairing.

The third article, “Those Coding Tasks ChatGPT Can’t Do,” highlights the limitations of ChatGPT in performing coding tasks and emphasizes its role as an assistant rather than a replacement for human developers. An image is included to support the content.

The fourth article, “Free Geometric Fonts for Designers,” presents a collection of geometric fonts suitable for various design projects. The article is accompanied by an image showcasing different styles of geometric fonts.

The fifth article, “A Practical Introduction to Scroll-Driven Animations,” introduces the CSS scroll() and view() functions and demonstrates how to create scroll animations with shadows. An image is included to illustrate the concept.

The sixth article, “Developer Experience eBook,” promotes a free eBook written by Addy Osmani that focuses on improving developers’ work efficiency. An image related to the topic is included.

The seventh article, “Designer’s Step-By-Step Guide To Redesign,” provides practical tips for redesigning projects, avoiding common mistakes, and helping users adapt to new designs. An image is included to support the content.

The eighth article introduces the Tokenami New Atomic CSS Framework and includes an image showcasing its features.

The ninth article presents the Arjustings Free Font, describing it as a unique and attention-grabbing handwritten font. An image of the font is included.

The tenth article introduces the Chunk Free Icons for Figma, a collection of 600 glyphs designed for consistency and frequent use. An image showcasing some of the icons is included.

The eleventh article presents a collection of CSS gradients and includes an image demonstrating different gradient styles.

The twelfth article, “Learning to Appreciate Great Content,” discusses ways to value excellent content and offers insights on the topic. An image is included to support the content.

The thirteenth article, “58 Rules for Beautiful UI Design,” provides guidelines for creating visually attractive and user-friendly interfaces. An image is included to illustrate the concept.

The fourteenth article highlights the top Pens of 2023 on CodePen, showcasing a collection of popular and well-received code snippets. An image related to CodePen is included.

The fifteenth article, “Learnings From Conducting Over 100 Website Migrations,” offers key tips for a successful website migration. An image related to website migration is included.

The sixteenth article reviews the best PHP frameworks of 2023, providing an extensive analysis of their features and benefits. An image related to PHP frameworks is included.