This week’s list of new services from companies catering to ecommerce and omnichannel merchants includes product images, shoppable video, live streaming, B2B, logistics, analytics, fulfillment, and cross-border payments.

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New Tools for Merchants: April 23

CommentSold unveils ClipHero, an AI-powered shoppable video generator. CommentSold, a video commerce developer, has launched ClipHero, which converts live broadcasts on CommentSold’s platform into interactive, shoppable videos. According to CommentSold, ClipHero AI identifies the sections from a longer live stream to convey product features and benefits. Users can import AI-generated clips into CommentSold’s PopClips technology to automatically place videos on product details pages.

BigCommerce announces over 100 platform enhancements. BigCommerce’s new features include location-optimized storefronts, AI-powered copywriting, predictive analytics, product recommendations, and more.

Alibaba unveils customizable logistics capabilities for U.S. SMBs. has launched its Logistics Marketplace, providing U.S. small and medium-sized businesses with affordable, customizable logistics services. Logistics Marketplace allows merchants to connect with vetted logistics service providers, compare real-time quotes from various providers, and book within a single consult.

Picsart launches AI-powered Smart Background for product images. Picsart, a content creation platform, has launched Smart Background for product photography. The tool turns simple product shots into enhanced marketing assets and campaigns. According to Picsart, the AI-powered tool understands a subject, suggests custom backgrounds, and adds realistic drop shadows and other contextually aware elements. Users can combine Picsart’s Smart Background with the platform’s template and asset library to create videos and animated images.

Screenshot of Picsart homepage.Screenshot of Picsart homepage.


Amazon Live introduces a shoppable channel on Prime Video and Freevee. Shoppers in the U.S. can now browse products alongside creators, brands, and celebrities such as Lala Kent, Kandi Burruss, and Paige DeSorbo on Amazon Live’s new interactive, shoppable, and free ad-supported channel on Prime Video and Freevee. The new channel features Amazon’s “Shop the Show” technology, enabling consumers to shop and engage with content using mobile devices. to simplify onboarding for merchants on Walmart Marketplace., a provider of unified commerce and logistics solutions for merchants, has announced it will collaborate with Walmart Marketplace to simplify onboarding and help new and existing sellers grow sales. Customers using’s multichannel management platform will receive onboarding support and special incentives across Walmart Marketplace’s shipping, advertising, and repricing services.

Shirofune enhances its Shopify integration with Google Analytics 4. Shirofune, a digital advertising automation management tool, has announced the addition of Google Analytics 4’s Data-Driven Attribution Model to its Shopify integration. With the new feature, Shirofune automatically optimizes advertising campaigns based on lifetime value and cost per order after evaluating a merchant’s order data. Through its Conversion Connector, the new functionality can operate with measurement tools and platforms other than GA4 and Shopify, such as Adobe Analytics and BigCommerce.

Screenshot of Shirofune homepage. Screenshot of Shirofune homepage.


Fabric launches Order Fulfillment Logic for omnichannel retailers. Fabric, an ecommerce platform, has launched Order Fulfillment Logic, an application to automate and monitor orders and update inventory visibility in real time. According to Fabric, OFL allows merchants to orchestrate and optimize how a distributed order management system works across the fulfillment process, helping to minimize fulfillment lead times and maximize customer satisfaction.

Celigo has partnered with TikTok Shop. Celigo is an integration platform-as-a-service for businesses. The TikTok Shop Connector by Celigo will keep data current and synced across various applications, including product data, orders, fulfillment, and accounting. Celigo states that the collaboration provides sellers comprehensive insights to drive informed decision-making. By harnessing the automation, retailers can gain valuable intelligence about market trends, consumer behavior, and product performance.

WorldFirst has launched WorldTrade payments for B2B SMBs. WorldFirst, a digital payment and financial services platform for global businesses, has launched WorldTrade, a payment tool for sourcing from China. According to WorldFirst, WorldTrade bolsters the security and speed of cross-border payments for international small and medium-sized businesses that procure goods from China-based suppliers. WorldTrade offers enhanced protection of buyers’ funds, timely delivery of goods, fast payment to sellers, and reduced transaction costs.

Walmart syncs consumer data platform with retail media division. Walmart has announced an improved integration of Luminate (its aggregated consumer data platform) with Connect (retail media service). Suppliers can now identify trends within critical categories to develop more informed, data-driven media strategies. Walmart states it will release the Luminate activation for Connect to all charter Luminate subscribers by year-end.

Screenshot of Walmart Marketplace.Screenshot of Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace

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