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Saving others’ photos and stories on Instagram is a difficult task. Instagram doesn’t allow users to save each other’s photos to the device’s storage but take it easy, as tools like Picuki can solve these issues. This article will help you get a Picuki review and find out about many Picuki alternatives.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a tool that allows Instagram users to save photos posted on public pages and then edit them later. It also allows you to use Instagram without logging in to the app. It also helps you to perform market research and search photos with the help of hashtags and locations by showing the profiles that align with your search. Moreover, you can get familiar with the latest Instagram trends from Picuki. The trending profiles and hashtags are easy to locate.

Features of Picuki

These are the different features that Picuki offers to users.

View the profile and story

Users can easily view the Instagram stories and profiles of others through Picuki. You just have to enter the username and browse through the profiles of unknown and random strangers.

Download all the posts

Users can see the images and videos posted by other users. However, it should be noted that this feature will only work for public accounts, and if the account is private, it will just show a statement that “this profile is private.”


Picuki can give a detailed analysis of the profiles, such as the followers and followings. However, it does not give details about the engagement rate of accounts and their posts. You can also categorize the post based on the hashtags, and Picuki makes it easier for brands and social media personalities to use the trendy hashtags of Instagram to increase their visibility.

Image Editing

Picuki promises to give users access to save, edit, and reshare photos on social media.

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Pros of using Picuki

If the features listed above are not sufficient to make you want to download the app, then read these advantages to gain a deeper insight into the usefulness of Picuki.

Saves your time

Picuki makes it easier for users to access and view Instagram posts, which is time-saving.

Market research

This app will help the companies research their competition after analyzing their Instagram strategy and designing their own accordingly.

Increases visibility

The analytics features help users find the most relevant and trending hashtags to use on their posts, thus ultimately increasing visibility.

Gain insights

Picuki allows you to gain insight into others’ profiles and help them develop and improve their Instagram strategy. They can easily find out the reason why they are falling behind and strive to improve themselves.

Top 10 Picuki Alternatives for Secure Instagram Browsing
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

The Best Picuki Alternatives

There are many Picuki alternatives to ensure that you can easily browse through the profiles on Instagram. Some of them are listed below

1. IGLookup

People can use IGLookup to go through an Instagram profile anonymously. It is different from the other apps with the same functionality, as it allows you to even view private profiles on Instagram. It means that you can easily stalk a private Instagram profile without having to send a request to those accounts. The best part is that you will remain anonymous, and IGLookup will not reveal your details.

2. Inflact

Inflact is another alternative to Picuki. It allows users to view the stories and download the posts and material uploaded on Instagram. You can also see the highlights of Instagram profiles. Users can check if they are blocked from some accounts by viewing all the accounts through Inflact.

3. SmiHub

Smihub is a renowned Picuki alternative to using Instagram anonymously. Like other websites, it also allows you to access photos and videos on Instagram without creating an account of your own. You can simply see others’ profiles without being noticed.

4. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is another website like Picuki that allows you to view the profiles exclusively. However, you can only see the accounts that are public and do not have access to private profiles.

5. WatchInsta

WatchInsta is an Instagram viewer site like Picuki. It is a credible option and can easily function on all devices, free of charge. Users can access photos, messages, reels, stories, etc., and export them in ZIP file format.

6. InstaDP

It is another private Instagram viewer app that allows users to watch reels or just browse through Instagram photos and videos. You can also download the reels and other such content in larger sizes.

7. StorySaver

StorySaver enables users to see and download stories and posts on Instagram. It helps you remain anonymous and provides security on online platforms.

8. InstaStories

InstaStories is another website that allows you to view Instagram profiles anonymously. This platform is easy to use, and you just have to type the username of the account that you wish to see.

9. Grahmir

Grahmir is not exactly like Picuki, as it helps you track the engagement of Instagram accounts rather than the posts. You can see the number of likes and comments on users’ posts anonymously.

10. FullInsta

FullInsta is a safe and free platform for you to use. This user-friendly platform will help you gain insights into an account just by entering their usernames. The feature of hashtag analytics also makes it helpful to find out specific accounts.


Therefore, these are some of the Picuki alternatives that can help you browse and download the photos, videos, and stories posted by other users on Instagram. People should note that looking up private profiles through sites like Picuki is not advisable, and the breach of privacy of other Instagram users with false intentions should be avoided.